Apache software and patches
mod_blink (Apache 2)
mod_blink is a seteuid/setegid switch module for apache 2, which allows full user seperation for the entire webroot. This module is somewhat like mod_become/mod_suid/mod_ruid, but instead of requiring root privileges it requires a small bit of kernel support to enable setegid/seteuid for the apache uid. The code lives in svn.
ServerName in Errorlog (Apache 2)
This is a small patch which prepends "ServerName " to errorlog entries, this enables splitting a combined errorlog for each VirtualHost.
Mod_Tsunami 2.0 for Apache 2
Mod_Tsunami allows request limits per vhost, this is quite useful for large shared hosting servers, to enforce fair resource sharing. I've ported the module to Apache 2. The main porting was easy, but the module also needed some changes to accomodate the new scoreboard and threading support in Apache 2. The code is available in svn.
A simple pipe/fifo logger for apache, initially created by Johan Mulder, which writes out logs to seperate files for each vhost. This solves the filedescriptor and open file issues one encounters when doing LogFiles per vhost the apache way. The program is kept as simple/fast as possible, to prevent slowdowns. Code is available in svn.
PHP CGI (Apache 2)
In most shared hosting setups php-cgi is preferred over mod_php. The problem is that this requires a #!/path/to/php entry in each php script. There is a way to fix this in apache :
Alias /cgi-bin/php4 /usr/local/bin/php4.cgi
Action php4 /cgi-bin/php4
AddHandler php4 .php
This causes a load of other problems ( php parses non-existant files, discard-path fun, etc ). The better solution is to make mod_cgi handle php scripts through extra handlers. This patch does just that for apache 1.3.

I have rewritten the patch for Apache 2, based on the suexec code in APR. The changes are now confined to mod_cgi, which should simplify maintenance/portability
So Long and thanks for all the Fish