Serial Consoles
I've also redone the serial console setup, quite a bit of work, but worth it. Everything now connects to a 16 port ShivaPort Atom. Now I can access 9 serial consoles with a simple "telnet mattress". I'm still thinking about /etc/services management.
I've finally ditched the c1ve picturebook for a Dell Latitude L400, quite an improvement. A functioning disk certainly helps.
A CMS other than vi would probably motivate me to update more often. However, here folows another short blurp. I've added some memory to Deepthought, and gave it the serial ports nececary to give all boxen propper serial console. Arthur got an update to AIX 5.3, Veet to Irix 6.5.27. HP-UX 11i v2 doesn't seem to be available for PA-RISC workstations, time to try Linux possibly. Wonko has been replaced with a blade 100, the old hardware had some serious issues, mostly CPU related. The current Towel will be replaced by a Dell 1650, the FreeBSD Alpha setup has some reliability problems. Zaphod will get a new Tyan Opteron motherboard, the current supermicro board has lasted long enough.
The alignment problems in the FreeBSD if_tap driver have been fixed, openvpn works fine now on Deepthought. I am currently trying to obtain an Alphaserver DS15, mainly to develop *BSD support for the Titan mainboard chipset used in HP's latest Alphaservers. I might even start the work on NetBSD depending on the FreeBSD netboot support. The bad news is that these DS15 systems seem to be quite rare, and very expensive. Lets hope some kind soul will donate one...( Please, Please ... ).
Another update of the hardware page, it's almost complete now. I really should put most of the info in tables, and describe stuff better. This update shows the HP-UX and AIX boxen I've bought, and the big gigabit upgrade spree to make my network all gigabit. Only the o2 doesn't seem to have any gigabit options, too bad really, it's such a nice little blue toaster. For the AIX and HP-UX box I've bought Syskonnect cards, which where quite a bit cheaper than IBM and HP's gigabit options.
Apache kinda sucks at keeping a pipelogger working, graceful restarts (SIGUSR1) act even more strangely. I've patched vhostlog to support opening a fifo, this allows running vhostlog under daemontools, inittab etc. Apache only sees the fifo and stops bitching about long lost children. The code lives in cvs,
I have finally started working on my C skills by recoding a nagios monitoring agent originally written by Johan Mulder. Monitor should work on FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and Linux. I'm still working on Solaris, HP-UX, IRIX and Tru64 support. The code should be reasonably reliable, but it might still paint your bike-shed yellow. A License, README, etc should be added reasonably soon. The result can be seen in cvs, which also houses indexd, a semi-working mysql filesystem indexer ( READ seriously borken :).
Many Changes
I just really suck at keeping this page updated, oh well such is life. I'll try to write some of it down. First of all I have started a new job 01-04-2004, I really needed the breath of fresh air. Earth has been a 1550 for quite a while now, I've also sold my Ultra60's quite some time ago. I've traded Eddie for a new Zarniwoop, he's gotten a nice new home though. The HP C360 and Sun Ultra5 I own aren't listed on the hardware page, I really should fix that.
New Service, Hardware Page
I have added an ascii matrix to towel on port 24, which does require a quite large terminal :). And the hardware page has been updated to better reflect the current status of my hardware collection. And some misc quickies:
Changes, Changes
My boxen/network has again changed quite a bit. I got my own /48 of Ripe IPv6 space from cybercomm, which meant an IPv6 migration, which luckily went quite smoothly. The website has been redone in XHML 1.1, which is the way to do it according to some. It passes the w3c validator so it should work in any browser :). And I bought a new filer-thingy which after some fiddling seems to work quite nicely. This means that veet has a new purpose in life ( filer administration ), and that I can finally do nice backups of my important stuff.
Quite some hardware changes. Ford is now FreeBSD as well, FreeBSD didn't like the onboard ide, so I gave Ford a scsi card, and enabled vlanning on the remaining Intel EtherPro100, works like a charm. Deepthought decided to die right after a FreeBSD conversion so I placed an Ultra2 into use, unfortunately no BSD would run on it, FreeBSD has no support for the onboard scsi and NetBSD's driver for the onboard scsi borked when using recent scsi disks.
Which meant that I had to go with Solaris 9. Which actually runs quite decent on the box, provided you kick it LONG and HARD. The Solaris syslogd and crond stink, I managed to get vixie cron going, the GNU grep dies when using the -r option, tcpwrappers doesnt eat IPv6 subnets, IPv6 resolving is disabled by default, the gcc strip command breaks your binaries, the SFW procmail is ancient, etc ... :).
But the solaris buffer-cache seems to cache maildirs quite nicely, Pine is really fast now, and postfix IPv6 works perfectly as well. The Ultra2 is named Tea. Deepthought has been reinstalled and now only provides serial access to various machines.
( I traded Tea the Javastation for shoarma :)
Managed to get a /60 from ipng. And enabled IPv6 on all my external boxen and home networks. All the boxen and services should be IPv6 reachable now. Quite a lot of fun to play with, and fully transparent with rtsol and AAAA records. I did have to mess a bit with .int and .arpa for reverses to make the linux boxen happy. Also gave Dean Strik an account which helped him clean his postfix IPv6 patch, which is now free from unaligned access errors on FreeBSD Alpha. Kudos to Dean for his great patch.
A "Stoere IPv6 Bikkel"-tag on the pages will be implemented for IPv6 visitors.
I finished and cleaned up my home network. Zarniwoop is mostly finished, zaphod lives in 3u now and arthur has the p2bd now. 3200x1600 is truly amazing :)
Swapped the hostnames of towel and earth. The Alpha is the box for serious stuff and the sparc will be for playing around. Also implemented some more services on the new towel ( dns, secondary mx ). Some more dns moves on the way. The hardware for zarniwoop is really coming together quite nicely. And thea ( a javastation ) should start being useful when I get the required fp simms.
I am, for various reasons, not happy with my current job Please email me for further inquiries/job offers.
Updated the boxen page, still looking for 1GB dimms and 1.4GHZ tulatins, give a shout if you got some laying around :).
I played with RRDtool for a bit and made stats of the amount of StarWars viewers. Always good to have some more pretty pictures.
New Player
I changed the code used to play the frames last week, This however had some \n vs \r\n issues which should be fixed now. The new code is done by Mike Edwards and should provide a smoother viewing experience.
The Register
It already seemed like the starwars telnet was slightly popular but after techTV now The Register did a piece, it seems that running a large amount of telnet connections causes some weird things to happen, ow well tweaking might help.
So Long and thanks for all the Fish