Apache software and patches
Information, Software and Patches for apache, focussed on larger shared hosting environments.
DJBDNS dnscache patches
A patch for dnscache, these solve issues encoutered when running heavily loaded servers.
VScom PCI-400 on Alpha
A couple of hints regarding the VScom PCI-400 on alpha boxen, getting it to work with FreeBSD 4.x and Linux 2.4.x.
Safecat destfile patch
A patch which enables a third commandline argument, destfile. This isn't all that useful for mail(dir) oriented use of safecat, but in situations where you want to 'secure' expressions like :
cat bla bla > filename
it saves you a mv. Example :
file=`cat bla bla | safecat tmp .`\
&& mv -f $file filename;
cat bla bla | safecat tmp . filename;
The destfile argument is optional, safecat wil fall back to it's default behaviour if destfile isn't specified.
Please note that like
'cat >'
destfile will be overwritten if the cat is successful. Any existing destfiles will cease to exist.
So Long and thanks for all the Fish